The problem of a small vocabulary was once encountered by every student. It is impossible to imagine the study of any language without memorizing words, and in Arabic is added also an unusual writing. And at a certain point of the word, more is being memorized, and the usual methods no longer work. We are all different, so find a method that is right for you, and teach the words without boring zubrezhki.

So, how can we learn Arabic words in the most productive way?


  1. For starters, be positive: the memorization process will go much easier if you do not oppress yourself with thoughts and how much you need to learn and how boring. Keep motivation, remember why you are learning the language, imagine how good it will be when you finish a certain level.

  2. Get enough sleep and do not take a level that you can not do. Do not think that after spending the night in cramming before the control, or daily taking yourself to a loss, you will achieve better results than with a measured rhythm.

  3. Remember that learning words is not an end in itself. Use words in games, everyday life, dialogues. Before that, when studying, make up sentences from learned words, remember the context, look and read the materials in Arabic.

  4. If the level allows, read additional literature. When reading, be sure to emphasize and highlight new words, and write them into the dictionary. Reading is a great way to replenish the passive vocabulary without special moral effort. Also, you will learn to understand words from the context, and break the inner barrier that inspires you to read literature in a foreign language is incredibly difficult.

  5. Learn the dialogues by heart. Even if you are no longer an entry level. Of course, this takes time and extra effort, but the chance increases that at the right moment you will remember not only the word, but also correctly use it.

    As for memorization, there are also several tricks here to make this process easier.


    1. Teach words or phrases in blocks no more than 30 minutes, take breaks for at least 10 minutes. Do not learn more than 7 elements in one approach.

    2. As colorful as possible, describe each word for yourself. The more detail you describe, the easier it is to remember. Represent words or use pictures.

    3. Create logical chains. So in the right situation, you’ll remember a group of words at once.

    4. Repeat words aloud. This method is tested and additionally includes the development of listening and diction. There is an opinion that the word will be remembered better if you say it aloud in 5 different combinations. This once again confirms that learning new words by word combinations or dialogues is more effective.

    5. Repeat for the speaker. Many textbooks also include audio materials, where you can listen to reading texts, words that are learned in the lesson.

    6. Organize new words according to the meaning. For example, use the synonym-antonym method. When you teach the translation of the word “well, learn also how it will be” bad “, and if you still find how it will be” excellent, “awful”, “mediocre” then enrich your vocabulary.

    7. If you study vocabulary on a specific topic, for example, interior design, or health, besides memorizing texts, you can use the sticker method. Expand on the types of places names of objects or words that are especially difficult for you. The only downside – in due course you can unknowingly start to ignore these stickers.

    8. In addition to stickers, you can build special cards. On one side, write the words for another translation. This is a very popular method of repetition of words. Just go through these cards and check yourself. From the minuses: if there are many words, it will take a lot of time to make the cards themselves.

    9. Also a good way to remember words is to write a short story using them, even if it does not have a particular artistic value. How do you learn to use words in practice.

    10. At least sometimes, when studying or repeating words, group them according to grammatical features. For example, you write down the names of the male, then feminine, and separately – exceptions. In this way you will see the logic of the language, its structure, and the rules of learning will be easier.

    11. Be sure to write down the words. Not the most interesting method, but in the initial stages you need to remember how to spell that or another word. The more you write the words and texts, the faster you remember them, and further improve your writing skills.

    12. After you have learned the words, you must repeat them for this. Use the interval methods most often it is the basis of programs Anki, Memrise and others. These programs show you words at regular intervals, in increasing order. If you do not use these programs, repeat the new words in roughly the following way: the first time in a few minutes; second time – after 1 hour; third time after sleep; the fourth – about a week later; the fifth – in 1 month.

      The last tip – do not focus on methods that do not suit you. Choose the one that gives the best result in your case, and do not stop there. Experiment, come to study creatively, and you will succeed.